Container Depot Management


DepotPRO is the most comprehensive specialised Container Depot Management system Available today. A full featured system with extensive reporting and analysis, Multi country, Multi Depot, Multi cost centre, Multi Language.

See our unique animated 3D On-Screen Visual Depot, for easy depot control.

DepotPRO includes auto-charge calculations for Handling, Daily / Weekly Storage, Repairs, and Miscellaneous costs, and our unique 'Generic EDI' - which automates and makes EDI easy. You can record Containers Gate In / Out Status changes, Yard Services, transfers, complete Container Tracking with detailed history.

Optionally you can include FinPRO our integrated Financials package, and also our advanced Container Transport system [ CONTRACK ] and our leading Warehouse Management system [ StorePRO ] - providing a complete and integrated logistics environment.

DepotPRO runs on an MS SQL Server database - a top quality & robust environment.



Systems functionality includes;

  • Record Containers Gate In/Out, Status changes, Yard services, transfers, complete Container Tracking, with detailed History.
  • Auto charge calculations for Handling, Daily/Weekly Storage.
  • Repairs [ M&R ], Miscellaneous costs Repair Estimates and billing [advanced costing grids, inc. Reefer repairs], repairs profitability & stock control.
  • Multi Depot, Multi Cost Centre, Multi Country.
  • Multi Language.
  • Full container & transaction history with detailed drilldown.
  • Detailed Reporting, Daily Log etc. Client Revenue Reporting with graphs, inc. export to Excel, PDF, or email.
  • Unique 'Generic EDI' - import/export any EDI files, makes EDI easy.
  • Embedded SQL Query woth export to Excel for 'ad hoc' reporting.
  • Quick On-Line Container Status Enquiries/Release requests.

Options include;

  • Hand Held Repair Estimates - portable data terminals on-line via our unique very long range radio modems.
  • Hand Helds for Gate In/Gate Out/Yard Services/Releases etc.
  • Imbedded Delphi Report Generator.
  • Operating Country selector with invoice/tax rules for country selected.
  • Internet client access and enquiries & Estimate approvals with WEBPARK.
  • Fork Mounted RF Units, etc., plus many more unique features.


See also DepotPRO OCR - Automatic Container Recognition and data capture through Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Our Container Depot Management Systems can interfacing in to FinPRO - the Global Systems Financials,
a full set of Windows Financials including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General / Nominal Ledger, Subcontractors Accounts Payable, Cash Book, Assets Register, Bank Reconciliation, Contact Management etc., and CONTRACK - the Container Transport System, plus StorePRO - the intelligent Warehouse Management System.



DepotPRO 3D Visual Depot

Visual Depot


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