Our systems in summary

Here at Global Software Systems we specialise in advanced software systems covering a broad range of Industries.

We provide software for the supply chain including Warehouse Management, Logistics, Manufacturing & Production, Transport Management and Container Depot Management, as well as systems for Auctioneers, Hardware and other Retailers, Manufacturers, and many others, with specialised fully integrated financials for each specific industry. For the web we offer e-commerce, on-line auctions, web trading and commercial web hosting.

  • Warehouse & Production Industries
    systems for the Warehousing Industry, including 3rd Party Logistics and in-house company Warehousing.
  • Transport Industry
    Systems for the Transport Industry, including operations/bookings, local and long distance haulage.
  • Financials
    A full featured and comprehensive fully integrated Financials package - good for high volume transaction processing.
  • Container Industry
    Systems for the Container Industry, including Depot Management, Container Sale, Hire & Self Storage, plus Container Transport.


In summary, Global Software Systems offers the following integrated software system modules:




Warehouse Management & Production

S2 Logistics - Warehousing and Transport Management

  • Warehouse / Transport / Production Management - the leading edge .NET system with many enhancements and new features including faster data entry, live Performance Dashboards, imbedded .NET Report Generator, upgraded .NET animated 3D Visual Warehouse, WEBSTORE.NET and WEBFREIGHT.NET for web based enquiries and transactions, and more !
  • StorePRO – our popular INTELLIGENT WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - which can include paperless warehousing, a specialised FOOTWEAR & CLOTHING version, Meat Storage & Cold Store version, with options for Container Import / Export Pack / Unpack & Bond Store operations, Steel & Metals Warehousing, Wine storage, Sales Invoicing, and a ‘World First’ – VISUAL WAREHOUSE for the ultimate in Warehouse Management.
  • Production – Bill of Materials, materials requirements, Production costing / profitability, stock kits, production status etc. with production progress updated real time on hand held data terminals.
  • SCANPAL & SCANPACK – comprehensive ‘paperless warehousing’ barcoding systems. Often users can save about 25% labour, can easily train casuals, and gain high accuracy / better customer service, more business with our scanning systems.
  • StorePRO Voice Picks - a high quality voice recognition engine at a realistic price. Means the storeperson has both hands free. Until now voice pick systems have been extremely expensive [ our competitors systems still are ] but now you can add Voice Picks to StorePRO at a price that you should recover in labour & efficiency savings within just a few months.
  • WEBSTORE - the internet ' front end' to StorePRO - universally popular -[ with Client specific Login & Password ] for Inwards Delivery notifications / Outwards Order Requests / POD Enquiry / Stock Held / Stock Age / Stock Movements / Goods Ready for Despatch Enquiries, Delivery Tracking facilities etc. via the Internet.
  • WEBTRADE - a full featured 'shopping basket' system with on-line secure site payments.
  • Visual Warehouse - the only 3D animated Visual Warehouse available - good for larger environments / big bulk stack warehouses
  • DOCSTORE - for Document Storage - a good option to gain long term storage. Clients can print barcode labels / do enquiries / request documents etc. via the web.
  • StorePRO addon modules include - Cycle Counts [ generally used with scanners ] Refrigerated / Cold Store features including buy / sell options, Import / Export, Manufacturing Bill of Materials and Capacity Planning.
  • Retail EDI – connect to the Coles / Myer / David Jones / Woolworths / Metcash (IGA) / Big W / Target / Franklins / Kmart etc. EDI networks to receive orders, generate SCM labels and send ASN’s for deliveries to stores – StorePRO is a Coles / Myer etc… approved system.


EDI interfaces

  • GEDI - generic EDI conversion template - makes dealing with multiple EDI inputs / outputs easier / quicker to set up & maintain.
  • POLLREMO - polls remote servers to schedule / send / receive FTP file transfers in an online environment.


Global Integrated Financials

FinPRO the Global Systems Financials can include;

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Nominal / General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Contacts Management [ plus you could equip your salespeople with online Portable Data Terminals running over GPRS ]
  • Assets Register
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bad Debts Register - helps maintain a better quality collectible debtors ledger and formalises followup of bad / doubtful debts.
  • Spare Parts Stock Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Fork Lift Fleet Management
  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Plant Management
  • Order Entry
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Subcontractors Accounts Payable
  • Insurances Register
  • Payroll

Our Financials, Fleet Management, Repairs & Maintenance Scheduling and Contact Management systems all run on a Microsoft SQL Server database. These systems are ideally suited for medium to larger systems environments, being fully scalable from 1 up to at least 1,000 users.

Transport Management

S2 Logistics - Warehousing and Transport Management



  • FREIGHTRACK.NET - Transport Management - running on an SQL Server database - the ‘world first’ .NET transport management system.
  • Track & Trace - scan your freight from pickup, through the depot/s to final delivery with ‘sign on glass’. Display freight location status on the web.
  • WEBFREIGHT.NET - Bookings & Tracking on the Web
  • FREIGHTRACK Operations Bookings - for local pickup & delivery - benefits include better customer service, tracking, centralised control, better fleet allocations, significant cost savings.
  • FREIGHTRACK for Freight Brokers - a sort of reverse FREIGHTRACK - good for automatically picking best rates / best subby for local or linehaul jobs.
  • Global Ranger series Mobile Data Terminals - in vehicle GPRS data terminals with advanced GPS tracking and extensive vehicle movement reporting.
  • Global Portable Data Terminals - specially designed for courier and local delivery applications – rugged, portable, GPS tracking, GPRS communications, with integrated barcode reader, touch screen, economical.
  • FREIGHTRACK OCR -Auto OCR scanning of vehicle number plates for vehicle / owner identification / entry validation / auto boom gate control etc.
  • Driver Iris Scan - Auto Iris scanning for driver / entry validation
  • Fleet Management - Records Fleet Unit data for Trucks, Prime Movers, Trailers, Fork Lifts including Vehicle Specifications Licences, Permits, Lease Details, Depreciation, Revenues, Actual Costs, Standard Standing Costs & Running Costs, Kilometers traveled, Hours run, etc. Versions for Trucks / Trailers, Tankers, Forklifts, Operating Plant [ Cranes etc. ]. Automatic or Manual Data Entry. Optionally fully integrated in to FinPRO our ‘Global Systems Financials’, plus FREIGHTRACK, CONTRACK, and DepotPRO for automatic Cost and Revenue inputs Repair & Maintenance data can be automatically interfaced in from the ‘Repair & Maintenance Scheduling’ module, or via manual input in the ‘Fleet Management’ module. Automatic inclusion of Hire / Lease / Depreciation capital costs. Comprehensive Fleet Reports including Cost / Revenue / Profitability reporting by Week, Month, Year, Life, by Fleet Unit / Vehicle Type, Cost / Revenue Type [ in Summary & Detail ].
  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling module - with Vehicle Defects, Service Checklist, Maintenance Schedule etc. with optional fast barcode unit inputs. Spare Parts Stock Control & Barcoding option. Integrated auto generated Purchase Orders
















Container Industry Systems

  • DepotPRO & CONPARK & WEBDEPOT - highly developed systems for Container Depots [ Fulls & Empties, Tanks, M&R ] with our 'world first' long range radio modems.
  • ConPRO - a full featured Container Sale, Hire, and Self Storage system which includes WEBLEASE the user friendly website where customers can make enquiries and make container hire requests.
  • CONTRACK - an Operations Bookings Container Movements Management System, optionally with intelligent Job / Vehicle allocations & Container Tracking - optionally using in Vehicle Mobile Data Terminals, and On-Line Hand Held and Barcode reader computers, - interfacing to WEBCON for Internet bookings and enquiries.
  • Visual Depot - the only 3D animated Visual Container Depot system available - good for larger environments.
  • DepotPRO OCR - Auto OCR scanning of vehicle number plates and container numbers & ISO codes.
  • Driver Iris Scan - Auto Iris scanning for driver / entry validation


Other systems

  • Long Range Radio Modems - can be used to link warehouses, for a local data communications network covering very large areas etc.
  • WEBTRADE - sell products on the web - possibly direct distribution from your warehouses - includes illustrated price lists, shopping basket, ordered goods list etc. WEBTRADE offers secure credit card transactions with automatic on-line credit card validation.
  • WEBAUC for selling old vehicles [ trucks / trailers / fork lifts etc. ] on the web by Auction or by Sale by Tender.
  • Website Design - your website is an important marketing tool, and a good website well placed on the search engines can be your most important marketing tool. We also design and implement commercial websites, and can assist in gaining the best possible position on the main search engines. Prices vary according to the website complexity.

Global Software Systems is the only company worldwide that offers a fully integrated Logistics system that can cover all aspects of the logistics industry, developed for small to large companies with a robust major system database, and we offer larger logistics businesses the opportunity to have a fully integrated systems environment - Multi Company / Multi Branch.


In general because we have widespread distribution of our systems there are a myriad of options and possibilities, so if there is a feature / system you need but can't see here please ask - most likely we have it.


We also have extensive systems for other unrelated industries such as Auctioneers, Hardware Wholesalers & Retailers, Point of Sale etc.



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