Stevedoring and Port Systems



For incoming & outgoing vessel cargo discharge and loading using Hand Held PDA’s on Deck and on the Wharf to validate container & seal numbers, entry of Stowage positions, plus the Stevedores Daily Log. With EDI inputs & outputs and Container on wharf location recording.


Profitability per shipment: CargoPRO records labour / overheads / and other costs related to each shipment and reports on the profitability of each shipment.



Discharge & Loading the Island Chief using Hand Held PDA’s live over GPRS



The stowage plan of imported & exported general cargo / containers / RORO / Break Bulk etc. is a major factor in the vessel planning procedure. StowPRO can auto import discharge lists via EDI and display the bayplans, plus exporting onward bayplans and auto sending them via EDI to the next port.


StowPRO includes;

1. The scheduled list of ports that the ship will be calling at, in the order of rotation.
2. A summary of the number of containers – size/type/weight of containers per port that are planned to be loaded on the ship.
3. A summary of the number of hazardous, reefer and general containers per port that are planned to be loaded on the ship.



StowPro - Vessel Details



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