Transport Management


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S2 Transport Management running on an SQL Server database - the ‘world first’ complete .NET transport management system.


An Operations Bookings Freight Management Systems for Local Pickup & Delivery, Local Trucking, Courier, Taxi Truck, Linehaul / Long Distance, Bulkfreight, Container movements environments.

The system includes Vehicle & Freight Tracking options such as Wireless On-Line Hand Held and Barcoding Computers, GPS, and with the capability to transmit to In-Vehicle Mobile Data Terminals, plus interfacing to WEBFREIGHT for Internet freight bookings and enquiries.




Options include:

  • Track & Trace - scan your freight from pickup, through the depot/s to final delivery with ‘sign on glass’. Display freight location status on the web.
  • WEBFREIGHT.NET [ Bookings & Tracking on the Web ]
  • FREIGHTRACK for Freight Brokers - also good for automatically picking best rates / best subby for local or linehaul jobs.
  • Global Ranger series Mobile Data Terminals - in vehicle GPRS data terminals with advanced GPS tracking and extensive vehicle movement reporting.
  • Global Portable Data Terminals - specially designed for courier and local delivery applications – rugged, portable, GPS tracking, GPRS communications, with integrated barcode reader, touch screen, economical.
  • S2 OCR - Auto OCR scanning of vehicle number plates for vehicle / owner identification / entry validation / auto boom gate control etc.
  • Driver Iris Scan - Auto Iris scanning for driver / entry validation
  • Fleet Management Records Fleet Unit data
    • Versions for Trucks / Trailers, Prime Movers, Tankers, Forklifts and Operating Plants [Cranes etc.]
    • Includes Vehicle Specifications Licences, Permits, Lease Details, Depreciation, Revenues, Actual Costs, Standard Standing Costs & Running Costs, Kilometers traveled, Hours run, etc.
    • Automatic or Manual Data Entry.
    • Optionally fully integrated in to FinPRO our ‘Global Systems Financials’, plus FREIGHTRACK, CONTRACK, and DepotPRO for automatic Cost and Revenue inputs. Repair & Maintenance data can be automatically interfaced in from the ‘Repair & Maintenance Scheduling’ module, or via manual input in the ‘Fleet Management’ module.
    • Automatic inclusion of Hire / Lease / Depreciation capital costs.
    • Comprehensive Fleet Reports including Cost / Revenue / Profitability reporting by Week, Month, Year, Life, by Fleet Unit / Vehicle Type, Cost / Revenue Type [ in Summary & Detail ].
  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling module - with Vehicle Defects, Service Checklist, Maintenance Schedule etc. with optional fast barcode unit inputs. Spare Parts Stock Control & Barcoding option. Integrated auto generated Purchase Orders.



S2 Mobile

Transport pickup & delivery management software for hand held in vehicle units. The system includes Driver login / password, the units receive jobs via GPRS, and display jobs and priorities, arrival / departure recording, demurrage, sign on glass and barcode scanning for receivals and deliveries. Auto emails and alerts when vehicles are delayed. GPS positioning data capture and auto transmission via GPRS and mapping for vehicle tracking, performance KPI’s, compliance, and fatigue management.

The system includes the following features;

  • Driver login
  • Job receival and display with priorities (via GPRS)
  • Waiting time entry (demurrage)
  • Sign on glass and barcode scanning for receivals and deliveries
  • GPS data capture and auto transmission via GPRS for mapping vehicle positioning and route tracking
  • KPI’s, compliance, and fatigue management.

Customer alerts and notifications
You can keep your customers right up to date on delivery status with automatic emails. These could include

  • Booked job acknowledgements
  • Job despatched
  • Expected delivery time
  • Delivery running late etc.

Delivery progress can also be included in WEBFREIGHT which can display the ‘Sign on Glass’ signature an instant after the receiver signs.


hand held


s2 mobil - screen sample 2s2 mobil - screen sample 1


S2 Mobile Screen Samples



GPS Positioning & Tracking


This includes current position tracking plus the ability to recall the position and speed of a vehicle at any past date & time.




GPS Route Tracking

See the current route taken live, plus the ability to recall the route of a vehicle for any past date & time.


























Global Integrated Financials

Our Transport systems can be fully integrated into FinPRO the Global Systems Financials. This can include the following modules;
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Nominal / General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Contacts Management [ plus you could equip your salespeople with online Portable Data Terminals running over GPRS ]
  • Assets Register
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bad Debts Register - helps maintain a better quality collectible debtors ledger and formalises followup of bad / doubtful debts.
  • Spare Parts Stock Control
  • Fleet Management
  • Fork Lift Fleet Management
  • Repair & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Plant Management
  • Order Entry
  • Sales Invoicing
  • Subcontractors Accounts Payable
  • Insurances Register
  • Payroll

Our Financials, Fleet Management, Repairs & Maintenance Scheduling and Contact Management systems all run on a Microsoft SQL Server database. These systems are ideally suited for medium to larger systems environments, being fully scalable from 1 up to at least 1,000 users.



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