Worldwide Systems Support

At Global Software Systems we pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer support. We have provided our users with continuous effective, prompt and reliable support since 1981. After the end of the installation warranty period we offer an optional on-going support agreement.

More than just support


The on-going support agreement provides many benefits, including regular free upgrades. Because you get regular upgrades your software will be fully up-to-date, fully supported, and fully functional for many, many years to come. We have clients who have run our software continuously for up to 25 years [ with upgrades ], so they have avoided the disruption and cost of completely replacing their system and incurring new capital costs and retraining staff etc. Key staff at Global are also industry experts, and can often provide helpful advice in optimising the results that you get from your system.



Under the support plan we provide

  1. Unlimited free telephone support.
  2. Standby emergency support [ phone / site call / modem as required ]
  3. Free notifications of matters affecting the systems being run [ eg., Legislative changes requiring program changes etc. ]
  4. Substantial discounts on purchases of additional GLOBAL SYSTEMS software modules.
  5. Free Upgrades: We maintain a vigorous on-going software upgrade program that ensures that your software is kept up-to-date and is continually improved to take advantage of newer technology. Upgrades to standard systems are free.
  6. Two free preventative maintenance checks per annum, [ if on Global Systems hardware & the Hardware extension is current ] - essential to ensure minimal system downtime.
  7. Users are encouraged to send us a backup tape at least quarterly, [ if on Global Systems hardware ] and we will test and verify that the backups are running correctly at no charge.
  8. Discounted hourly rates for site calls / modem connections / programming work
  9. Priority service

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